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   Vostochny Port JSC is the largest stevedoring Company in the Russian Far East, specializing mainly on coal handling with usage of conveyer equipment.

   The company is located in Vrangel Bay, Port Vostochny. The all year round navigation and no ice restrictions; natural depths up to 22m in the navigating channel are enough to accommodate vessels with 150,000 tons DW are advantages of Vostochny Port.

   Due to absence of settlements and industrial zones closely to the port it has a unique opportunity to be constantly developed; large storage yards allow to place great consignments. Highly efficient handling equipment, automatic management computer system of the transport hub and great throughput of pre-port railway station are the most attractive features of Vostochny Port.

   The history of Vostochny Port began on December 27, 1973, after loading of the first vessel. From that very time it became "a visit card" of the Port Complex in the Russian Far East and soon whole Russia. The first in the system of the Russian Ministry of Maritime Fleet Vostochny Port was reorganized into Joint Stock Company "Vostochny Port" in August 1992.

   At the moment Vostochny Port JSC is the largest stevedoring Company in the Russian Far East, specializing mainly on coal handling with usage of conveyer equipment. Practically full automation (90%) provide for qualitative and fast loading. Vostochny Port JSC also includes Universal Handling Terminal (PPK-1), specializing in bulk and general cargoes; Port Fleet; service departments. The total area of the Port is about 132 ha, waterside include 8 berth with the berthing line of 2,4 km long and 6,5 - 16 m depths.

   Besides the Vostochny Port JSC in the Vrangel Bay works a few large stevedoring companies - Vostochnay Stevedoring Company, Vostochno-Uralsky Terminal, Vostochny Petrochemical Terminal. All these companies are called Vostochny Port. Port annual total handling capacity is about 20 million tons of cargoes. Waterside include 17 berth with 3,5km long and 6,5 - 16m depths. At the Port territory also work companies providing handle, dispatch, clearance, freight, shipping service.

   Vostochny Port JSC maintains in the work international quality standards, including environmental safety of work. Annually Vostochny Port appropriates considerable cash resources for the environmental control.

   Vostochny Port JSC participate in work of Russian Assotiation of Sea Ports

   Port is marked by prestigious international and Russian rewards including: awards as "a best company in the closely related kind of transportation" from RZD JSC, important Russian award "Russian National Olympus" for the achievements in transport and construction, "Order of Peter the Great" for outstanding contribution to the achievements promoting prosperity of Russia and other diplomas, which Vostochny Port has got from the Ministry of transport, the Government of Russian Federation and other trade organization and associations.

   Staff, their professionalism and responsibility, desire and skill good to work are main values of Vostochny Port. Peoples are base for further company's development, its stability and successful work.

   The basis for high competitiveness and dynamic development of company for many years forward is lied just thanks/owing to their skill and energy. Management of Vostochny Port JSC always tries to provide the own staff with the good work conditions. Social problems were always priority for each of manager of Vostochny Port. At the present time, Vostochny Port JSC, as town-generative enterprise, continues to work actively on realization of social programs, allocating annually more than 10 million rubles to budgetary organizations needing of a support and to the people who have got in a trouble.

   Annually the management of Port assigns means for support of pre-port settlement's hospital caring of health own staff. Support of sports competitions and commands has come to a tradition. The sports organizations of pre-port settlement and t. Nakhodka participate in the Russian and the international competitions, winning prize-winning places owing to support of Vostochny Port JSC. The care of young generation is a constant component of social programs. Local schools, kindergartens and children's homes, the educational-cultural centers receive the financial support on a regular.

   Public recognition of Vostochny Port JSC is confirmed not only numerous awards and diplomas, but also correspondence of thanks of citizens and organizations have got the support.

   At the present time, Vostochny Port takes an important place in realization of transport policy of the state in the Far East of Russia. The community of positions of collective of port, its management and shareholders allows to build competently strategy of economic development, represent at the highest level economic interests of Russia in the countries of Asian-Pacific Region.



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