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   Geographical coordinates: 42 degree 46 minutes of northern latitude; 133 degree 3 minutes of east longitude. Difference in the time with Moscow is +7 hours.

   Vostochny Port is located in the south of Primorsky Region, in the southeast of Nakhodka bay, in Vrangel bay. This is unique natural harbor is no ice restrictions even in severe winters. The natural depths up to 22m in the navigating channel are enough to accommodate vessels with 150,000 tons DW. Due to the sloping shores and absence of settlements closely to the port it has a unique opportunity to be constantly developed.

   Vostochny Port is joined with most important main roads of Russia by a highway and a railway. The pre-port railway station "Nakhodka-Vostochnay" connects the port with the Trans-Siberian Railway, which together with Vostochny Port forms the unique transport bridge between the Europe and Asia.

   The territory of Primorsky Region has advantageous strategic position. It's a sea gate of Russia on the markets of China, Japan and other countries of Asia-Pacific Region. For this reason the Primorsky Region is attractive to investments.

   Due to convenient location, favorable natural conditions and the developed transport infrastructure Vostochny Port is high competitive in the freight market and interesting for cooperation.




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