Vostochny Port JSC is the largest stevedoring Company in the Russian Far East, specializing mainly on coal handling with usage of conveyer equipment.

   The company is located in Vrangel Bay, Port Vostochny. The all year round navigation and no ice restrictions; natural depths up to 22m in the navigating channel are enough to accommodate vessels with 150,000 tons DW are advantages of Vostochny Port.

   Due to absence of settlements and industrial zones closely to the port it has a unique opportunity to be constantly developed; large storage yards allow to place great consignments. Highly efficient handling equipment, automatic management computer system of the transport hub and great throughput of pre-port railway station are the most attractive features of Vostochny Port.

   The history of Vostochny Port began on December 27, 1973, after loading of the first vessel. From that very time it became a visit card of the Port Complex in the Russian Far East and soon whole Russia. The first in the system of the Russian Ministry of Maritime Fleet Vostochny Port was reorganized into Joint Stock Company Vostochny Port in August 1992.

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